Full LCC 2018 League Programme available Here
SCCA Open TT Friction Series available Here

To register for CTT events download and complete the Entry Form available in (Word) or (PDF)

  • riders must be members of a CCT affiliated club. Non affiliated club members may ride up to 3 events as a “come and try it”, after which they must become a club member if they wish to ride further events
  • riders to sign on at least 10 minutes before the start – late entries at timekeepers’ discretion
  • Start Times:
    7.00pm for except for events up to 17th April and September when the start will be 6:30pm. Sunday events which will start at 10.00am.
    Note:- the D28/10 Scenic 14th Aug starts at 7:30pm

    League Trophies Open to 1st Claim members – to be awarded based on points from best 18 out of 23 events, (excludes Open TTs and 2up Trophy). Second Claim members league trophies to be awarded; All Comers League based on points from 23 events.

    Roadman’s Trophy
    Road bikes only on the following 4 events, based on fastest aggregate times 1st May (Hilly)/ 19th June (Tri Course)/10th July (Scenic)/4th September (Hill Climb). Note that points based on position in each event will also contribute to the overall league competition.

    Roadman Bikes Championship
    Points will be awarded to those riding road bikes in any of the league programme events. League winner is based on points gained from best 18 out of the 24 events.

    Ludlow CC Opens
    – 2.00pm April 28th & July 7th (Russ Oliver Memorial Trophy)

    Entry Fees:
    Members £25.00 per season, or £3.00 per night: Guests(members of CTT Affiliated Clubs) – £30.00 per season, or £4.00 per night, Come and Try it – £4.00 per night.

    Trophy Events
    Castle Cup Club Championship 10 miles 8th May
    Mick Davey Trophy Road Bike 10 miles 12th June
    Powell Trophy Club Championship 25 miles 24th June
    Nelson Trophy Fixed Gear 10 miles 17th July
    2 Up Trophy 24th July
    Hill Climb Trophy 4th September